O&M Policy




“Our Goal is to Perform Exemplary, Effective, Economical and Safe
Operations and Maintenance Practices to meet and exceed Customers
Expectations in terms of Quality of Services.”

We are committed to,
– Operate our business in a manner that is sustainable in the long term
serving the best interest of Company, Esteemed customers and Associates.
– Develop Operations and Maintenance procedures in cognizance with
statutory and regulatory requirements with an aim to ensure safe and

uninterrupted gas supply to customers
Work towards building a progressive culture which imbibe for Team Spirit

and Process of continual learning.
Work towards skill development and training to individuals to improve O&M

To evolve a system of Proactive Operations and Maintenance practices for
trouble-free equipment’s performance.
Continuously strive for the areas of improvement for effective O&M

– Periodically review O&M Policy for continual improvement.