Turnkey Project

Low-Cost Solutions for Comprehensive CNG Station DODO (Dealer Owned Dealer operate) Projects

Shree Sai Engineering can significantly reduce your costs for Comprehensive

CNG Station DODO (Dealer Owned Dealer Operate) Projects.
• When dealers procure various products from different vendors, the costs can escalate.
• Shree Sai Engineering offers a solution by providing a single comprehensive contract for the
construction of DODO stations.
• We handle all aspects, including civil work, electrical work, mechanical work, fabrication
work, SS tubing work, and procurement of CNG booster compressors, CNG online
compressors, CNG dispensers, CNG cascades, air compressors, generators, etc., tailored to
the specific requirements of Gas Companies.
• Shree Sai Engineering Has Successfully Completed 350+ CNG Projects.